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The unexplainable box knocking at my door.

Today, January 7, 2014 I received a package from FEDEX. I wasn’t expecting anything and didn’t know what it was. In my true nature, I was ready to investigate another goodie someone sent to me. I walked inside after shutting the door on the delivery man as he was sending funny sounds to the dogs. I placed the rather large box on the table, read who it was from and then grabbed a box cutter. I sliced open the box, opened to see what was inside. It was another box, it was creepy, looked water stained and it was taped with red evidence tape along the top and another single brown tape with my name on it. I immediately pulled out the box, read the stickers and papers on the side of the box. It was an evidence box from Louisiana. I freaked the fuck out and hauled it outside. Shutting the door I started to panic. WTF is this! I was positive I just had a fan attack or someone was sending me a chopped off finger or something without telling me. I wondered if I pissed someone off and they were out for revenge.  I went inside I googled the address on the box and it showed a map but it wasn’t anyplace recognizable. I figured it was a prank or hate mail.

I went back outside with a mask over my face this time, freaking out, I pulled the box out and took photos to send to Carl. On the side of the box it read: “darknessbecomesyou.com.”

I was a bit more intrigued and really wanted to know what was inside. I went back onto the computer and found this site and it was an HBO site with Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey, the title of the page is “TRUE DETECTIVE.” and after a bit more investigation I decided to face it and find out was inside the box. I have to admit, I was honestly nervous about it and freaked out and still not sure it was actually part of this HBO series.

I grabbed gloves, my mask, jacket and went to the parking garage to explore. The rest is in the video. Let’s just say this, cleaver, wicked, and freaked the fuck out of me out and I am in awe at the brilliance of HBO marketing. Besides, now I have a bad ass strange object to add to my ever growing collection of the bizarre. I honestly am sold and can’t wait to watch this series now, the press kit says it all. Thanks HBO for the scare and I loved it! Well done!


Photography and TFP

Photography and TFP

I am a true believer that Model Mayhem has caused the issues we face daily in Photography. I believe Model Mayhem has destroyed the industry of modeling even, models were selected by their unique look and ability to sell a garment. Every pretty girl and boy with an ego believes they have what it takes to model and Model Mayhem messed that up by giving EVERYONE the chance to say, “I AM A MODEL” which is not true. I also believe Model Mayhem created the death to pro photography in many ways and the birth of TFP took over. Now the work of a trained and college educated artist has been abolished and everyone believes that their talents should be free. THIS IS THE FUCKED UP BIT!

Education and knowledge cost money, EGOS are free, to support others with TFP is crap because everyone doing this work causes trouble for the rest of us who are trying to make a buck from what we are trained to do in this world. VALUE yourself and your work. Do you really need more portfolio photos? You are doing all the work and getting nothing for it, why! REALLY, WHY???

Photography is not just a simple point and shoot process as an everyday buy a point in shoot, so called “PHOTOGRAPHER” does. There is an actual Science behind photo taking, it’s the camera’s functionality, with lighting, balance, composition and so on. There are technical tricks and tools that one has to know and master, that knowhow wasn’t free, so why are you giving it (sessions) away free? MODEL MAYHEM was the death to the trained Photographer. That pisses me the fuck off. So we sit with thousands of dollars worth of amazing equipment, and probably owing on some of the equipment still and you are left to believe the only thing you are worth is someone coming to you and saying, “OH I LOVE YOUR WORK, I’D LOVE TO WORK WITH YOU ONE DAY.” then it’s followed up with TFP.

I have decided personally if I am going to shoot for free, I WILL GET SOMETHING OUT OF IT THEN. Because I am a trained artist, I spent close to $50k on an education that I have to pay back. So, I will only shoot for FREE or TFP when it comes to my personal series. That way, “I” am getting something out of it. It will be a part of my body of work.

For every pretty girl and boy who wants to shoot with a trained photographer, they should never approach you and ask to shoot for free. It should always be the choice of the Photographer who is trained and in the end does all the hard manual work. Models are a rare bread and there are too many who think they can model, or give face, or sell a garment in a photo or even video work. I believe it’s time for us to revaluate this TFP business and start to consider how you want your body of work to look in the end.

If all you do, is shoot TFP, are you a professional? Because calling yourself a professional means you are making money and are getting your work published in some of the leading publications out there. You are not just shooting anyone to shoot, you are actually doing this because it feeds your creative passion and working with a team, understanding how to sell a product though your camera and use the creative tools you have. Not just shooting with a point and shoot and calling yourself something you are not. Technology has caused many to believe that the simple quick tools in your iPhone or on your tablet or even in your camera qualifies you to call yourself a Photographer or a Professional is ok. Education, and talent and getting paid work calls you that.

Why write such an article you ask. Because the world and profession of photographers has died from this idea that their craft should be a free gig. A girl or boy who wants photos taken should pay for them. I know I had to when I started out in modeling back in the late 80′s. We had to pay per ROLL, then pay for the time of the photographer, then pay for prints. It wasn’t free, it would never be called free or even TFP. So why change that now? Model Mayhem has destroyed the business of many professionals photographers all around the globe. I think we all need to rethink our values! OWN YOUR WORK, Start charging! NO MORE TFP, do you really need it? If you want to work, then shoot for your own series or find something new too shoot so the rest of us can get paid for what we educated ourselves for.

Topher Adam

Get my first Haunted Moods Vol 1 album

Haunted Moods Volume 1 is a collection of self produced audio tracks Topher Adam has composed over the last six years for many local events and haunted houses. Something this fun shouldn’t just sit in a file so Topher Adam decided to release them in the first Volume of his Haunted Moods, the best sounds for a haunted home or home haunt. 30 min of loop able songs to frighten anyone into the mood this holiday season. For only $4.99 you can start getting ready for any happy haunters. Purchase Digital downloads here: http://bit.ly/HauntedMoods1

Dark Beauty Magazine Halloween issue video by Topher Adam
My first Self Produced single “THE CURSE”

Mastered version of my new song “THE CURSE”
Written, composed, performed by myself. YAY ME!

This song is about how true artist have to fight to be heard and how society people born into wealth and the Golden Spoon have it all. It’s automatic Victory. I want to break this curse and win the same luxuries and advantages by my own hard work.

Enjoy! Will be available on iTunes soon.

A little about myself
Topher started shooting photos at the ripe age of 11 and hasn’t stopped since. He doesn’t call himself a Photographer, or an illustrator, or a painter. Topher Adam is an “ARTIST.” Having always been creative Topher Adam thrives on the next thing, or what he can make that will outwit his last project. Having worked in film (set designing, set painting, and scenic art) designing fashion, costumes and is a graphic arts, Topher Adam is truly a digital magician and will develop and create images beyond your imagination. Just bring a project to the table and watch it come to life. That is Topher Adams promise to anyone he works with. He will transport you anywhere your heart desires through his artistic point of view.
Some of my best
2011.a Collection 2012 Collection 2009 Collection 2010 Collection
Services I provide
Commercial Photography
Topher Adam Photography is a full service studio, as he is a makeup artist, will do your hair, build a set, make a costume or style a look, shoot it, and edit it for any output you desire. His rates are fare with the amount of dedication and work he puts into each project. Contact us for a quote. Download Rate Sheet
Photo Retouching
In today’s image requirements it takes an eye to make an image as perfect as possible. Topher Adam will edit basic beauty shots or composite you into worlds and spaces that don’t exist in life but will make sure that the end result is top quality.

  • Beauty Edits starts at $45 each.
  • Composite images starts at $150 an hour. Cost includes image aggregation for environment building and composite elements. Quote for project will be announced at time of arrangement.
Graphic Design
From branding design, portfolio packages and business design needs from layout to image development. Topher Adams background has been marketing and understands the requirements to bring your audience through your message. Each of these services are an hourly rate of $150 and project will be quoted out at time of assignment.
Looking for unique illustrations or designs. Having a degree in Design and Visualization Topher Adam can see it so you have it as an illustration or drawing for your next meetings or projects. Just describe your needs and we will do the rest.
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